Google Classroom

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State and District authorities have closed school sites to slow the spread of the illness arising from coronavirus. Public education, however, is an essential service in the State of California. The Governor has ordered that districts provide distance learning opportunities for students to the extent feasible.  LUSD teachers will provide students learning opportunities for review, enrichment and engagement. These opportunities are optional for students but all students are encouraged to participate with the learning opportunities provided. Please contact teachers directly for any additional clarification or explanation of any learning opportunities provided by your teacher.

Google classroom is designed to help teachers and students communicate and collaborate, manage assignments, and stay organized. Tokay teachers are currently working on getting Google Classrooms set up for Tokay High students to access work from home and will be added as they become available. Click on a teacher below to receive your class code (s).

Important Information for students who may need to get a chromebook/ textbook from their locker.

During the school closure students are not allowed on campus.  However, if you left a textbook or chromebook in your locker AND you need it for the lessons / activities / learning opportunities being posted by your teachers, we will help get you your textbook or chromebook.
Again, this is only for those students who must have their book or device for lessons being posted by their teachers.  This is not an opportunity to clear out your locker – I apologize, but we do not have the staff to handle those requests at this time.
If you need your textbook or chromebook from you locker, for the learning opportunities being posted by your teachers, you must follow this process:
  •  Email Dr. Eddy (Asst. Principal) –  - email him right away, no later than Monday, March 30
  • Include in your email your Name, ID #, and your locker hallway and Locker #
  • Include what specific book / text / device you need (again, not “all my stuff” – we are not clearing out lockers; for example, write, “World History textbook” or “Earth Science textbook”)
  • Tell what day – either Tuesday, March 31, or Wednesday, April 1 – you will come to Tokay to pick up the book / device
  • Come to Tokay between 11:00am-11:30am in the staff parking lot on your chosen day (Tues. or Wed.)
  • Stay in your car; show your Tokay ID, and Tokay staff will hand you your book / device
You must email Dr. Eddy no later than 10:00am Monday, March 30 if you need a textbook or chromebook from your locker.

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