About Us

Tokay High School opened in 1977. It is one of four comprehensive high schools in the Lodi Unified School district serving grades 9-12. Our students come from a wide range of socio-economic, educational and cultural backgrounds. Tokay is located in Lodi, also known as the Zinfandel Capital of the World. With a growing population of 64,000, Lodi is becoming increasingly diverse. The city has traditionally been a support and service community to the rich agricultural area.

Tokay High School Profile 

Tokay Student Outcomes

Hear Us ROAR!

Reflective Communicators - Students are expected to:

          • Demonstrate competence in reading, writing, language and speech
          • Deliver presentations that demonstrate poise, command of language, clear enunciation, and confidence
          • Actively listen and appropriately respond to what is presented

Original Thinkers - Students are expected to:

          • Critically identify, analyze, and integrate available resources and information
          • Construct and judge the validity of arguments
          • Develop justifiable solutions to problems
          • Apply technology as an educational tool

Academic Achievers - Students are expected to:

          • Meet or exceed California State Standards in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science
          • Graduate with skills that will help them attain their college and/or career goals

Responsible Citizens - Students are expected to:

          • Exhibit good study/work habits, attend school regularly, and effectively manage time
          • Resolve conflict through positive, non-violent actions and foster acceptance for individual differences
          • Respect the school environment, public and private property

Honor Code


Honesty, integrity and responsibility are the foundations of academic success. The purpose of Tokay’s Honor Code is to promote and support student success while students and faculty accept responsibility for creating an atmosphere of academic integrity that will last a lifetime. The Honor Code is designed to reinforce the Academic Honesty Policy adopted by the Lodi School Board (Policy 5131.9).

To view the Tokay High School Honor Code, click on the link below.

THS Honor Code 2014.pdf


Mission Statement


The students at Tokay High School, with the support of staff, will demonstrate the academic skills and personal responsibility necessary to enter the post-secondary option of their choice.

LUSD Statements

Mission Statement


Lodi Unified School District will ensure the best education for students to be successful in life.

Value Statement

We Value:
1. Every student
2. High student achievement and accomplishment
3. Parents as partners
4. Diversity
5. Contributions and commitments of teachers and all staff as educators
6. Trust, honesty, and respectful communication with each other

Vision Statement

In Lodi Unified School District:
1. Each student realizes his/her maximum potential
2. There is no achievement gap between groups of students
3. We have a diverse staff that is highly qualified and enjoys its work
4. Schools are inviting and responsive to parents, engaging them as partners
in their children’s education
5. We provide resources to support quality education and safe, attractive
learning environments in all of our schools
6. We have a trusting, working relationship among the Board of Education, the school district,
and the community


1. Meet Program Improvement requirements as all groups of students improve their performance, and make
progress to eliminate the Achievement Gap.
2. Improve the engagement of parents/guardians as partners in their children’s education
3. Support an environment where diversity is valued
4. Maximize resources to improve the achievement of students in a safe and
positive learning environment