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Today: 4/19/15


Tutoring is available to all Tokay  students. Many other teachers on campus offer tutoring on an arranged basis. If you need help, check with your teacher.

Tutoring schedule

Tutoría en Tokay


Grade Access

Passwords to view grades and attendance can be accessed through the Aeries - Student Grade Access link (above, under Quicklinks). Please contact the Counseling Office at 331-7878 to get your log in information.

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 Aeries Parent Access Account Directions


The above log-in is for

the school site webmaster.

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Scheduling & Planning Presentations - 2015

Tokay High Counselors are currently meeting with 9-11 grade students to help with the planning and scheduling of their 2015-2016 school year.

Presentations will be added below as they become available.

Middle School Presentation

Freshman Presentation 

Sophomore Presentation

Junior Presentation

Course Catalog




Please help support Tokay High School Football by participating in this FREE E-Waste Pickup Fundraiser. All you have to do is go to the following website: or call 800-317-3112.



Thursday,April 23

Please help support the Senior Sober Grad Night by participating in our fundraiser. All proceeds go to Sober Grad Night.

Flyers available here or in Student Services.

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Does your teacher have a current project on Check out the Tokay teacher projects page HERE and tell your friends that they can help out a classroom with their donation, too!

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Please help support the Tokay High School Choir by participating in this FREE E-Waste Pickup Fundraiser. All you have to do is go to the following website: or call 800-317-3112.

Host a Foreign Exchange Student!

International Students representing 30 countries will be arriving in July to attend high school for the 2015-16 school year and are looking forward to being a member of your family. Please visit for more information or contact our local Academic CHI Coordinator, Pam Payne at 209-483-4115.




Erik Sandstrom - Principal    209-331-7914

Jackie Heinrich - VP                     331-7935

Seamus Eddy - AP (A-L)              331-7931

Kathleen Whisler - AP (M-Z)        331-7909

AP = Assistant Principal

Contact Numbers

Attendance                           209-331-7888

Athletics                                       331-7900

Bilingual Assistance                     331-7147

Cafeteria                                      331-7865

Career Center                              331-7971

Child Welfare & Attendance         331-7864

Counseling                                   331-7878

Enrollment                                    331-7878

Library                                          331-7895

Registrar (Transcripts)                 331-7825

Registrar - Fax #                          331-7849

Student Services                          331-7991

Teacher Message Line                331-7990

Bell Schedule

Period 1                7:20 - 8:18

Period 2                8:24 - 9:19

Period 3                9:25 - 10:33

1st Lunch             10:33 - 11:07

Period 4A             10:39 - 11:34

2nd Lunch             11:34 - 12:08

Period 4B              11:13 - 12:08

Period  5               12:14 - 1:09

Period 6                  1:15 - 2:10

Tiger Tales

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Parent Newsletter

3rd Quarter



~ Clear all absences within 10 days. Include date(s) of absence.

~ Unexcused absences can affect activities/off-campus privileges.

~ Check your student's attendance regularly.

~ Contact the Attendance if there are any questions @ 331-7888 between 7am - 3:30pm or email Vicki Dutra .


Students that are 18 and still living at home are required to have parents call in to excuse an absence.  

Address Changes

Please keep us updated with any changes to addresses, home phone, cell or work numbers. If you need to change your address, please send a copy of a current utility bill (PG&E or City of Lodi) to the Registrar's Office. If you have any questions, please call 331-7970. Thank you!